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Maximize Your Break​

The ability to rest and not suffer from sleep-deprived nights is a benefit of your winter break. Doesn’t it feel good to step away from a demanding academic schedule and spend quality time with your loved ones?

Enjoy those moments and the holidays as you prepare for 2019. Now, is the best time to take advantage of your free time to ensure that you will graduate debt-free!

Watch the video below for three tips to maximize your break!

Review our Dec. 2018 Scholarship Challenge to take a step toward earning thousands of dollars in scholarships!

If you know you need to earn scholarships to attend the college of your dreams, then enroll in our best-selling product, Our Scholarship Success Program. We’ll teach you everything you need to know to graduate debt-free!

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Don’t Agonize, Organize

Put your mind at ease by organizing your scholarships.

The scholarship process can be complex and overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. You can make smart decisions on a daily basis to reduce your stress and increase your success.

This blog post addresses the “Organize” portion of our weekly scholarship schedule. You can download a copy at

scholarship_weekly_scheduleSo, how do you organize your scholarships? It’s simple. Use the tools around you. Read the bullets below for more information:

  • Use your phone: Add all upcoming scholarship deadlines to your calendar with reminders. You usually have your phone with you at all times anyway. This will help you complete all supplemental materials before the deadline.
  • Create a spreadsheet: Use Google Sheets or Excel to see all of your scholarships. Make sure you include pertinent information such as, deadlines and links to the application.

We hope this week’s post helps you in your scholarship journey. Return next week for details about the “Research” phase.

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Plan to Succeed

Last week we shared our weekly scholarship schedule with you to help you structure the time you devote to scholarships. View a downloadable copy of our weekly scholarship schedule at:

scholarship_weekly_scheduleFor the next six weeks we will teach you how to use each “Task” to your advantage. The focus of this week’s blog is “Plan.”

The plan stage is all about selecting the resources that will help you earn the funds you need.

Resources are everywhere. Your local guidance counselor is a resource. Your parents/guardians are a resource. Your network is a resource. And of course, the internet is a resource.

Click the links below for a few national resources:

The plan stage can be completed during a 10-minute break. Your objective is to select the resources you will use in the remaining tasks. Remember, you’ve got this!

See you next week for details about the “Organize” task!

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Our Weekly Scholarship Schedule

Our last blog post should have inspired you to prepare for the success you will have in 2017! This post includes one of the many tools we will give you to succeed in your scholarship journey.

We created a weekly scholarship schedule to help you plan and monitor the time you devote to scholarships. Incorporating scholarships into your busy schedule will bring you one step closer to achieving your goal of graduating debt-free.

View a downloadable copy of our weekly schedule at:


Our next blog post will teach you how to use the “Plan” task.

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#CampusChat on 11.03.16

Join one of the “longest-running higher-education chats” on Twitter Thursday, November 3, 2016 from 9-10pm EST.

Our founder, Danielle Jeffers, will be sharing tips on how to “Own the Scholarship Application Process.” You can join the conversation hosted by Smart College Visit by using #CampusChat.

Smart College Visit (SCV) is an asset to all students and families who are transitioning from high school to college. SCV is known for the wealth of knowledge it shares via blog posts, social media, and interviews. Click this link to learn more.

See you tomorrow via Twitter! Follow Danielle @djeffers_ and SCV @collegevisit! Don’t forget to use to #CampusChat to join the conversation!

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Pay Attention to the Details

Habits inevitably determine your performance. 

Self-reflect on your current habits. Are they excellent or can they be improved?

As students, sometimes we get complacent and strive on autopilot. For instance, you may say to yourself, “I’ve received A’s in English for seven years straight. I study by skimming the chapters and memorizing summaries on SparkNotes. I do what works for me.” That may have worked in the past, but it is not guaranteed to work forever.

The same thing goes for the scholarship process. Always look for new ways to improve.

Scholarship applicants who slap their application together the day before it’s due, rush to check their materials against the requirements. They usually miss a crucial aspects of the application – the details.

Apply the tips below to make sure you cover the details in your next application:

  • Tip #1: Complete the Bio: Most scholarships require your personal information (e.g., name, address).
    • Fill in the blanks for that part as soon as you get the application. It will save you time in the long run.
  • Tip #2: Brainstorm Before You Write: Most scholarships require an application, essay, or creative work to supplement the application.
    • Use a whiteboard or record yourself elaborating on the topic. It will help you plan your ideas before you begin the rough draft.
  • Tip #3: More Eyes, More Advice: We all make mistakes, but we have resources to help catch them.
    • Ask great editors in your circle to evaluate your creative component to make sure it answers the prompt, is clear, and free of grammatical errors.

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10 Tips to Earn Thousands in Hours

Hi! Read the document below for 10 tips on how to earn thousands of dollars in scholarships in hours! I hope you learn and apply these tips. They have helped me a lot in my scholarship journey.

Share, leave comments, and check back soon for new information.

10 Tips To Earn Thousands in Hours