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A Day in the Life of a Student Entrepreneur

Building a business in college is beyond challenging. It stretches you to form a new set of habits which include sacrificing your social life to fulfill the vision for your idea.

Building a business in college is one of the craziest things you can do considering that most people choose to enroll in a college to increase their chances of getting a job.

My experience of building a business in college taught me more about the importance of intellectual property, networking, and reputation management than any class ever could.

Watch my video, “A Day in the Life of a Student Entrepreneur,” for a look into my life as a business owner.

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Danielle’s Journey to $200,000+ in Scholarships & a Debt-Free Degree

I have learned more in the last four years than any other period of my life. The bulk of my education didn’t come from within the four walls of the traditional classroom.

My life-changing education came from the testing of my faith and the shaping of my character. My two favorite teachers are God and Thomas Harrelson, Jr.

This video contains the highlights of my journey over the last four years. I explain what I did to earn more than $200,000 in scholarships to graduate debt-free from Virginia Tech.

You won’t learn everything, but you may learn something that you didn’t know before.

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The Advantage of the Kid Who Knows How to Hustle

As a student at Virginia Tech, I often wondered why students weren’t committed to graduating debt-free. I questioned why an extreme amount of focus was placed on binge drinking during the weekends and not on increasing our net worth.

As a graduate who has a better understanding of Americans’ nonchalant attitude toward debt, I strive to educate those who are pursuing a college degree.

One of the most recent discoveries in my findings in the difference in my journey and those of my peers’ is “The Advantage of the Kid Who Knows How to Hustle.” Please watch the video below for insight into how an unmatched ability to overcome every obstacle will positively impact your life.

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The #1 Thing You Need to Know to Win Scholarships

Students and parents, it’s extremely important that you spend this summer preparing for college. Use the time you have now to apply for and win the scholarships you need.

Watch the video below for the number one thing you need to know to win scholarships.

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Quick Steps to Graduate Debt-Free Series

I’ve received at least 200 emails and phone calls this year about the steps required to earn scholarships to graduate debt-free.

I’ve spent the last four years of my life doing customer discovery and product development to provide a comprehensive guide to help students. You can learn more about that product, our Scholarship Success Program, and invest in it if you want to learn exactly what I did to earn more than $200,000 in scholarships.

If you choose to invest in that program, then you’ll have access to additional resources and mentorship by me to help you succeed in the classroom and beyond.

I’ve also created and released a series of videos on Dough 4 Degrees’ YouTube channel to provide FREE advice to those in need. The series is titled, “Quick Steps to Graduate Debt-Free.”

Visit the “Scholarships” page of our website for the series and a list of scholarship databases to help you find scholarships you’re eligible to apply for.

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The Commitment to Manifest Your Dreams

It is never easy to fully commit yourself to the manifestation of your dreams. This level of commitment requires you to believe that one day you will be able to embrace the lifestyle and bliss that comes with years, if not decades, of hard work.

As a child, I can vividly remember many adults and community leaders asking me, “What do you want to be when you grow up?”

My answer always varied depending on my mood or interest at the time, but the deepest parts of me knew that I wanted to become who I was created to be. I’ve felt a deep resonance within me since the age of five that God had called me to accomplish great things.

I have yet to gather a complete understanding and often struggle to articulate all of the complexities of my calling, but I know for sure that there’s something I’m supposed to share with the world.

I firmly believe that Dough 4 Degrees is a core part of my calling. The ability to help students begin a cycle of generational wealth within their own families while simultaneously eradicating poverty is heavy.

Graduating debt-free from college is not an easy achievement, especially when numerous societal and systemic barricades have been constructed to ensure that you don’t.

However, I don’t believe Dough 4 Degrees is all God has called me to. Like many of you, I’ve asked the questions, “What is the purpose of life” and “What I was created to do?”

My quiet time and past experiences have helped me identify the ubiquitous starting point among us all. Find the thing or thing(s) that fill your soul and catapult your imagination into a world of wonder.

Once you’ve found it, then spend time every day exploring and learning more about how it functions to identify what you can do to contribute to its growth.

I took some time to publicly reflect on my life as a young ambitious woman. Feel free to watch the video below for my thoughts as a 22-year-old serial entrepreneur.

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Choose Financial Freedom

Congratulations to all of the 2019 graduates! Your success should be celebrated and embraced because you’ve worked extremely hard to get to this point. Watch the video below for a few words of encouragement for the Class of 2019!

As you continue your life’s journey and achieve new milestones, it’s important that you force yourself to step outside of your comfort zone. The video below contains insight into how you can make the decision to forgo the familiar.

You will have to step outside of your comfort zone when you’re applying for scholarships to graduate debt-free. Some students may not enjoy writing or searching for scholarships, but don’t let your discomfort defeat you. If you choose to not apply for scholarships, then you are preparing yourself for a life burdened with student loan debt.

Be proactive today and enjoy the benefits of financial freedom later. You can watch the video below for my thoughts on receiving my debt-free degree in the mail.

Oh, by the way, recording this video was a lot easier because my degree didn’t cost me a dime! I hope the same is true for you!

All the best,

Danielle E. Jeffers



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Step Outside of Your Comfort Zone

The success and lifestyle you see so clearly in your mind are on the other side of your comfort zone. Choose to embrace the discomfort while knowing that you will only be better because of it.

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Building a Business in College

No More Interviews featured Danielle on their Instagram, YouTube channel, and podcast. No More Interviews is a company that shares the raw, authentic, and personal stories of ambitious minority leaders to inspire others to overcome their fears.

Explore Danielle’s thought process as a student entrepreneur and the visionary of Dough 4 Degrees by watching the video and listening to the podcast below.

Listen to the podcast interview.

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Entrepreneurship in College

Danielle discusses her journey as an entrepreneur in college with a good friend and fellow entrepreneur, Kenny Horoho, during an April 2018 interview.

Listen to the podcast.