The Team

bostonheadshotps Danielle Jeffers, Founder

Danielle is the mastermind behind Dough 4 Degrees, LLC. She created this company as a freshman at Virginia Tech in January 2016 after earning over $100,000 in scholarships as a high school senior. Danielle will graduate debt-free from Virginia Tech in May 2019 with a B.A. in Communication. To date, she has earned more than $200,000 in scholarships. Danielle is also the Founder of Danielle Jeffers Enterprises, LLC and a Co-Founder of Elite Entrepreneurs Inc.


1489786767_blob-3Thomas Harrelson, Chief Development Officer

Thomas has served as an integral pillar of support for Dough 4 Degrees since its inception. He mentored Danielle throughout her college career and helped her build the company from an idea to a tool that fosters generational wealth for families all over the world. Thomas is also the Chairman of TMH Global International, LLC and a Co-Founder of Elite Entrepreneurs Inc.



Design Logic Consulting, LLC-03Design Logic Consulting, Chief Editor

Design Logic Consulting, LLC is the company that ensures that Dough 4 Degrees’ products and services are error-free and communicated with professionalism. The company is known as the “number one resource for all things training and business consulting.” Design Logic is a Founding Partner of Elite Entrepeneurs Inc. Learn more about Design Logic’s products and services here.



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Tina Smith, Marketing Partner

If you are a young professional, Tina Smith, The Financial T Coaching and Consulting Firm, puts you first! I am your trusted financial coach, here to put you in the financial game so you can win!




Quontinetta Bufford Headshot.jpeg

Quontinetta Bufford, Marketing Partner

The Volleyball Broker is a sports advisory firm based in Dallas, TX. It is a firm that helps parents and players navigate the competitive environment of volleyball by serving the needs of high school and collegiate student-athletes in the full range of the recruiting cycle in order to position them for success.