Danielle Graduates Debt-Free

Danielle Jeffers, Founder of Dough 4 Degrees, LLC, graduated debt-free from Virginia Tech on May 17, 2019. Watch the video below for a recap of her graduation.

The Dough 4 Degrees Story

Learn how this life-changing scholarship coaching company began and what it will take for you to achieve your scholarship success!

The 2 Keys to Winning Scholarships

You will need to master these two things to win scholarships. Enroll in our Scholarship Success Program today, and we’ll teach you!

The Perspective You Need to Win Scholarships!

Listening to this video will change the way you think about graduating debt-free! You’ll realize that scholarships are the key to financial freedom, and we have the resource to help you succeed!

Overachievers Don’t Exist!

The more you believe this, the more you will achieve!

Entrepreneurship in College

Danielle discusses her journey as an entrepreneur in college with a good friend and fellow entrepreneur, Kenny Horoho.

Listen to the podcast.

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