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The Commitment to Manifest Your Dreams

It is never easy to fully commit yourself to the manifestation of your dreams. This level of commitment requires you to believe that one day you will be able to embrace the lifestyle and bliss that comes with years, if not decades, of hard work.

As a child, I can vividly remember many adults and community leaders asking me, “What do you want to be when you grow up?”

My answer always varied depending on my mood or interest at the time, but the deepest parts of me knew that I wanted to become who I was created to be. I’ve felt a deep resonance within me since the age of five that God had called me to accomplish great things.

I have yet to gather a complete understanding and often struggle to articulate all of the complexities of my calling, but I know for sure that there’s something I’m supposed to share with the world.

I firmly believe that Dough 4 Degrees is a core part of my calling. The ability to help students begin a cycle of generational wealth within their own families while simultaneously eradicating poverty is heavy.

Graduating debt-free from college is not an easy achievement, especially when numerous societal and systemic barricades have been constructed to ensure that you don’t.

However, I don’t believe Dough 4 Degrees is all God has called me to. Like many of you, I’ve asked the questions, “What is the purpose of life” and “What I was created to do?”

My quiet time and past experiences have helped me identify the ubiquitous starting point among us all. Find the thing or thing(s) that fill your soul and catapult your imagination into a world of wonder.

Once you’ve found it, then spend time every day exploring and learning more about how it functions to identify what you can do to contribute to its growth.

I took some time to publicly reflect on my life as a young ambitious woman. Feel free to watch the video below for my thoughts as a 22-year-old serial entrepreneur.

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