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Goodbye Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

Goodbye Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Hello YouTube and LinkedIn

A month ago, I made the decision to quit Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. I stopped using those platforms personally and professionally. If you search for me or Dough 4 Degrees on those apps, you will find our profiles. However, I’m no longer actively managing those pages.

I detailed the reasons why I quit social media aka Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter on my personal YouTube channel. Watch the video below for insight into how this change has impacted my life.

If you would like a look at my life beyond Dough 4 Degrees, then please subscribe to my personal YouTube channel. In the near future, I’ll be sharing my perspective on life as a 22-year-old debt-free graduate and a full-time entrepreneur.

You can watch the video below for “10 Lessons I Learned at 21.” This video is a must if you are 21 now or will be turning 21 soon.

Peace, blessings, prosperity, and love.


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