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Money is waiting for you. Do you want it?

Yes, the cost of college is on the rise. It has been for a while and it will probably continue in the same direction.

You can avoid student debt by applying for and earning the scholarships you need.

Please keep your options open as you make your college decision.

Yes, it’s true. Out-of-state colleges are usually at least twice as much as in-state colleges. But, if you feel and know for sure that the out-of-state college is best for you, then chase the opportunity with everything you have.

Most students limit their options and choose an in-state college over an out-of-state because it’s cheaper. If money is your only obstacle, then eliminate the obstacle by earning outside scholarships.

What are outside scholarships?

Most families are familiar with the stories of individuals who earn full-ride academic or athletic scholarships. But, how about those who don’t and still graduate debt-free?Those students usually earn tens of thousands of dollars in outside scholarships.

Outside scholarships can come from local businesses, national fast food chains, and more. An outside scholarship is a check that is used to cover the cost of your education at any institution. It is not written to one school, therefore, it gives you the flexibility to use the money at whichever institution you choose.

Begin your search for outside scholarships with the Youth Financial Literacy Foundation Scholarship. I won this scholarship in 2015 and a 3-day all expenses paid trip to Las Vegas, Nevada to receive the award.

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I suggest purchasing your $5 copy of Choose the Right College: 9 Steps to Identify Your College if you are in the college selection process.

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