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You are a conqueror!

This school year is going to be phenomenal! You will succeed academically, grow exponentially, build relationships, and lay a foundation for the rest of your life.

Wow! Summer ’16 flew by.

We strategically devote time to executing the three months of freedom we have from our regular test routines and sleepless nights. We give our bodies an opportunity to relax and take in as many hours of sleep as possible because we know things are different during the school year.

This school year I challenge you to prepare for your success and ensure progress. The best way to start is to build momentum and consistency.

The only way to build momentum is to be consistent. Momentum is the result of continued completion. The antithesis of momentum is constant stopping and starting.

Building momentum in school happens when you complete as many scheduled tasks as possible. If you procrastinate, then you delay progress which can result in overlapping, rushing, and exhaustion. Trust me, I know.

Input all deadlines, classes, meetings, events, and social events into the calendar on your phone. Set notifications days, hours, and minutes before the scheduled event. Most people have their phone with them all the time, so receiving a reminder for the next thing on your schedule is convenient.

I hope this week’s blog post helps you conquer this school year!


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