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How far can scholarships take me?

Scholarships can open a door to financial freedom, provide opportunities to explore life, and change the trajectory of your future.

You’re probably aware of the rising costs of a college education and the consequent average debt of a college graduate, but that doesn’t have to be your story. Loans are an option, but they aren’t the only option.

Imagine working a minimum wage job for a couple of hours and earning $15.00. That’s ok. But imagine devoting a couple of hours to a scholarship and earning $1,000. The latter sounds better, doesn’t it?

Of course it does, especially with a return on investment (ROI) of $1,000. That’s $500 per hour! Guess what…scholarships aren’t taxable. That means you can put all of the money you earn towards your education instead of a portion of it (after you pay Uncle Sam).

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2 thoughts on “How far can scholarships take me?

  1. Such a great idea. Thank you for assisting students with the rising college costs!

    1. Thank you! We believe every student can attend the school of their dreams and graduate debt-free if they’re willing to apply for scholarships.

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